Prioritize cybersecurity in your farm’s risk management plan


Prioritize cybersecurity in your farm’s risk management plan

An information security expert encourages farmers to prioritize cybersecurity in their risk management plans.

Wyatt Scheiding is Vice President of Information Security for Farm Credit Illinois.

“Cybersecurity should be a top concern. It should be considered at the forefront of all the risks you have to consider throughout the year and it should be something that is considered in every office and organization no matter how big or small.”

He says FBI’s internet crime complaint center reported more than 2,000 ransomware attacks from January to July of 2021, representing a 62% increase year over year.

He says farmers and ag businesses should consider what data they need to protect and where it is located.

“So, if you have a single office computer that has all of your information on it for years and years, make sure you have a back-up of that in place and ready to be transferred somewhere should you need it.”

Scheiding also recommends using multi-factor authentication on accounts and ensuring that updated antivirus software and firewalls are installed.

Scheiding made his comments during a recent “Ag Minded Hour” webinar hosted by Farm Credit Illinois.