IDC symptoms appearing in Upper Midwest soybean fields


IDC symptoms appearing in Upper Midwest soybean fields

Symptoms of iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) are appearing in soybean fields in the Upper Midwest.

Dennis Schultze is with Peterson Farms Seed, a seed company with customers in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

“We are seeing some IDC pressure, (but) because of the growth stages and we’ve had warmer weather and generally good moisture, I think we’re seeing a little bit less IDC pressure than what we would normally.”

IDC is a physiological disorder caused by iron deficiency in soybean plants that can result in substantial yield loss within affected areas of a field.

Schultze says the key to managing IDC is by choosing the right genetics.

“Therefore, picking the right variety for the conditions that you would have in your fields. And that can vary quite a bit depending on where you are farming, whether you have light pressure or very extreme pressure. And then you can choose the variety that’s going to work best for you.”

He tells Brownfield planting higher populations and using iron chelate fertilizers can also help with IDC management.