Scout for pests now to help with 2023 crop decisions


Scout for pests now to help with 2023 crop decisions

An agronomist says scouting crops now can help with 2023 field management decisions.

Tim O’Brien is Syngenta’s corn traits manager.  He tells Brownfield farmers from several geographies are seeing pest pressures in corn. “Western bean cutworm, we’re hearing about maybe a little bit heavier moth flying and egg laying. Corn rootworm? Now is the time of year to assess your management practices for this year and evaluate how successful they are by doing a root dig or scouting for some adult beetles, and starting to make plans for next season.”

O’Brien says a root dig can show how much larval feeding took place, and if it’s more than expected, there are options to consider. “The addition of a corn hybrid with traits like Duracade Viptera trait or a soil-applied insecticide like Force, or even considering if you’re seeing a lot of adult beetles this year, doing an adult beetle control.”

O’Brien says stacking Duracade and Viptera traits together controls sixteen above and below ground insects, and some farmers might want to consider using these treatments in 2023.