MO dryness intensifies, crops suffer


MO dryness intensifies, crops suffer

Missouri crop conditions continue to slide as dryness intensifies.

USDA says corn silking has improved to 83 percent, six percent above a year ago. Corn doughing has progressed to 35 percent, up 20 percent from last week. The crop’s condition fell slightly to 53 percent good to excellent.

Nearly half of Missouri’s soybean crop is blooming, with 17 percent setting pods. Soybeans are rated 46 percent good to excellent, down five percent on the week.

Missouri cotton squaring progress slowed last week but is ahead of the average at 86 percent complete. Missouri cotton is rated 53 percent good, even on the week.

Missouri’s rice condition ratings have fallen to 56 percent good to excellent.

Pasture conditions in the state continued their fall with 83 percent rated fair or worse; 16 percent rated good, and one percent rated excellent. Ground conditions are continuing to dry; topsoil moisture is 29 percent very short, 38 percent short, and 33 percent adequate. Subsoil moisture is 21 percent very short, 40 percent short and 39 percent adequate. Missouri’s water stock supply is falling with 33 percent short to very short.