Red meat in cold storage shoots sharply higher


Red meat in cold storage shoots sharply higher

Record beef production pushed supplies in cold storage to the largest end-of-June level on record.

The USDA says beef in cold storage at the end of June was 516.203 million pounds, up 29% on the year, including a 26% year-to-year jump for boneless beef.

Pork in cold storage came out at 540.993 million pounds, 22% above a year ago due to slower demand, with a record large supply of ribs, but that’s still well below the all-time end-of-June high.

Red meat totaled 1.083 billion pounds, an increase of 24% on the year.

Poultry in cold storage totaled 1.189 billion pounds, 4% more than last year, with a 5% rise in chicken to 772.071 million pounds, and a 2% increase in turkey to 415.123 million. The turkey total included record low supplies of breasts, legs, and mechanically deboned meat.