Philippines seeks US assistance on ethanol


Philippines seeks US assistance on ethanol

The US and the Philippines have finalized an agreement to help create an opportunity for biofuel usage in the country.

Daniel Whitley, the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service Administrator, says the Philippine government is interested in transitioning to ethanol fuel blends in the country’s vehicle fleet.

“They want to learn from our industry and all of our efforts, research, and expertise to help them guide their path to a more sustainable fuel for their vehicle fleet,” he said.

He tells Brownfield a memorandum of understanding was signed between the US Grains Council and Mariano Marcos State University, allowing the US to provide ethanol education and expertise to the Philippines.

“Hopefully, this sort of leap frog’s the Philippines’ understanding of the benefits of ethanol so that they don’t have to start from scratch in determining how well E15 works, how well E20 works, and increasing the ethanol in the fuel fleet,” Whitley said.

The signing ceremony was held in Manila (this/last) week as the USDA held a trade mission to the Philippines.