Weed management on the farm


Weed management on the farm

A crop protection specialist says a good weed management program pays off in the long run.

“Whenever we have a bad day in weed control, that’s not something we just fix in one year,” said Eric Scherder, US crop protection commercial launch leader with Corteva. “It’s something we’re going to deal with for many, many years to come.”

Scherder says controlling weeds helps growers maximize yield potential. “First off, you’re going to see that diminishing return this year because weeds are going to be competing for nutrients and fertilizer, and those are very expensive right now, plus you are going to take a yield hit.”

He tells Brownfield he’s seeing several different weed species this year. “You got common waterhemp, palmar amaranth, the common lambsquarters, and velvetleaf,” Scherder said. “The menagerie of weeds we tend to see each and every year.”

Scherder says farmers should consider all characteristics of a particular herbicide when making a selection.