Farming though uncertainty


Farming though uncertainty

A Michigan grower says farming is filled with unknowns and relying on his faith helps him continue.

Dennis Gardner tells Brownfield after decades of farming, his biggest personal challenge came in the form of cancer, twice.  And he says the challenges on the farm at times have been similar. 

“You never know the outcome,” he says. 

Gardner says price fluctuations on commodities and inputs, along with weather unknowns leave a lot of uncertainty year after year.  His best advice for young farmers is to find a mentor and build a network of support. 

“The price of equipment, the price of land, and just the cost of running a farm—there’s a lot of cost to it—for someone to start out from scratch would be really tough,” he says. 

The 2022 Michigan Master Farmer says his current focus is to maximize the resources he has and remain open to new opportunities that God provides.  

Gardner farms about 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, and wheat in Yale with his family.