Administration says ag is crucial in the fight against climate change


Administration says ag is crucial in the fight against climate change

The Biden administration is making investments to combat the impacts of climate change. 

Deputy Climate Advisor Ali Zaidi says $2.3 billion in funding was announced by President Biden on Wednesday to address the extreme heat crippling the country.  “With drought, helping to improve water efficiency through projects and communities around the country,” he says.  “Like wildfires and taking care of our forests in a way that makes them less conducive to deliver the sort of damage that threatens our communities.”

He tells Brownfield agriculture will provide long-term benefits in the fight against climate change.  “Things like cover cropping that’s going to make it easier and more ubiquitous to deploy more precision agriculture technologies,” he says.  “We’ve got to do that work and be a partner to the folks who want to step up and make those changes.”

Zaidi says renewable fuels are also a critical component in the climate fight.  “A significant source of our emissions around the country and around the world is from planes that fly,” he says.  “Now we have the means to convert bioenergy into the fuel into these planes.  And President Biden wants to hasten that transformation.”

President Biden’s new executive actions will:

  • Protect Communities from Extreme Heat and Dangerous Climate Impacts
  • Lower Cooling Costs for Communities Suffering from Extreme Heat
  • Expand Offshore Wind Opportunities and Jobs

AUDIO: Ali Zaidi, Biden administration Deputy Climate Advisor