Farmers applaud ruling against additional nitrogen fertilizer tariffs


Farmers applaud ruling against additional nitrogen fertilizer tariffs

An increase in nitrogen fertilizer tariffs has been rejected by the International Trade Commission.  That’s good news according to National Corn Growers Association President Chris Edgington. He says, “A year ago when things really took off, we had a fair amount of supply already booked and coming into the country. That is not the case this year as we, you know, move into a different situation, so this is really good news. it should help with supply. It should help with pricing.”

Edgington tells Brownfield the Monday ruling against CF Industries’ request to place tariffs on urea ammonium nitrate from Russia, Trinidad, and Tobago was a surprise win for farmers after losing an initial argument involving Mosaic’s request for tariffs on phosphorus. “We still feel good about what can happen with phospherous. That case is still out there. It had a hearing back in June in front of a different judge.”

Edgington says defeating the additional nitrogen tariff was important but, “Maybe even the biggest news is it proves that commodity groups and the corn growers have the ability to make a difference on something that we’ve maybe never really weighed in to until this last year where we have been involved in fertilizer on a large scale.”

The ITC’s rejection of the additional tariff is being applauded by agriculture groups including the American Soybean Association and Michigan Farm Bureau.