New IDALS program to strengthen local food systems


New IDALS program to strengthen local food systems

A new program in Iowa will help distribute locally grown food to underserved communities.

Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig says the program is expected to improve supply chain resiliency. “This is really a one-time program and it’s one-time funding,” he said. “But what we are really focused on is how we can use this to really have a step change in local foods, and be able to really build this out long into the future.”

Naig says they will create 2,000 distribution sites with food banks and food hub distribution partners.

He tells Brownfield the effort is expected to bring $1.8 million to farmers. “We think this could reach hundreds of farmers,” Naig said. “It’s something that will be distributed and will be available statewide, and we’ll do that over the next couple of years.”

The program is funded through the USDA Local Food Purchase Assistance Program.