Global demand for U.S. cattle looks positive


Global demand for U.S. cattle looks positive

An international livestock shipping expert is anticipating U.S. cattle demand on the global market to sharply increase in the near future.

Tony Clayton, owner of Clayton-Agri Marketing, tells Brownfield while the U.S. hasn’t ever been a top feeder cattle exporter…

“There’s such a demand for feeder cattle around the world, into the Middle East, into places like Indonesia that are not going to buy boxed beef,” Clayton said.

He said that’s because of religious and cultural reasons. And Clayton said as Middle Eastern consumers gain more expendable income, they’ll seek higher quality cattle.

“So, it could give us an advantage over some of the suppliers, say Brazil or Argentina,” he said.

Clayton said increased global demand and a shrinking domestic herd could push U.S. cattle prices to record highs. He says ‘dramatic’ calf loss last winter in the Dakotas and Montana will also tighten supply.