ASA lauds expanded double-cropping insurance coverage


ASA lauds expanded double-cropping insurance coverage

The American Soybean Association says the USDA’s decision to expand access to double cropping insurance was welcome news.

Illinois farmer Stan Born, a director with ASA, says the expansion will help increase food supplies domestically and abroad. “It allows us to get two crops off the same land in the same year and with less risk,” Born said. “We’ll be able to utilize crop benefits and crop insurance.”

He tells Brownfield double cropping provides environmental benefits. “Wheat can work as a cover crop, and then we can follow that up with soybeans,” Born said. “It helps keep that soil working all around the year because we plant the wheat in the fall.”

The USDA’s announcement comes after a broader set of commitments made earlier this year by the administration to increase food production amid potential global food shortages related to the invasion of Ukraine.