Minnesota farmer not backing off on fertilizer


Minnesota farmer not backing off on fertilizer

A southwest Minnesota farmer is sticking with his crop fertility program despite record-high fertilizer prices.

Bryan Biegler of Lake Wilson says he recently finished side-dressing corn.

“All my P&K was put on last fall, so I had that locked in on last year’s prices yet before they started taking their big increase. Had to bite the bullet with the anhydrous this year, but I haven’t backed off on anything.”

He tells Brownfield he wants to maximize the potential of this year’s crop.

“The corn is really moving out now, everything is at least knee high and some pushing up to about thigh high. So corn is coming along real well. Beans, they never seem to do too much until you get after the 4th of July then they start taking off.”

Considering the wet, cool conditions at planting, Biegler says his crops are looking pretty good.

Biegler currently serves as president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.