Klobuchar praises new shipping reform law


Klobuchar praises new shipping reform law

A U.S. Senator from Minnesota says the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, recently signed into law by President Biden, will level the playing field for American exporters.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar says, “This came out of really outrageous increases in rates, not just for farmers, but for manufacturers as well,” she said. “Four times in one year the container rates went up. Profits soared, and they are all international shipping conglomerates.”

She says the new law makes it harder for foreign-owned ocean carriers to unreasonably refuse goods ready to export at ports. “What they have been doing is bringing in stuff, but then not always taking our stuff,” Klobuchar said. “That’s a huge issue in rural America and a huge issue in manufacturing.”

The legislation received strong bipartisan support. Klobuchar spoke during the recent Midwest Agriculture Summit.