Indigo Ag announces first-ever verified carbon credit program


Indigo Ag announces first-ever verified carbon credit program


Indigo Ag has rolled out the world’s first verified carbon credit program for farmers and ranchers.

President and CEO Ron Hovespian tells Brownfield producers who implement conservation practices will receive a higher premium. “They can reliably count on them because they’ve been validated by third parties. What’s most important is that economic stream for them is like a cash crop, but it’s digital.”

He says through its program, the credits are verified by the Climate Action Reserve – a registry that recently issued 19,000 carbon credits from 175 farmers. “What we’re trying to do is put a program behind them with scientific rigor, that guarantees the market is there to buy them, guarantees the things that corporations need and the registry needs to make the high value mark.”

The Climate Action Reserve can then sell the carbon credits to companies and Indigo Ag says they’re partnering with companies like JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and The North Face.

Carol Shu, manger of global sustainability with The North Face, tells Brownfield her company can meet sustainability goals by buying agricultural carbon credits. “Some of our cotton farmers will be apart of Indigo Carbon and we’re really excited to purchase a carbon credit that’s associated with our products in a very direct connection.”

Indigo Ag’s program is paying farmers $40 per credit, a $13 increase.

Ron Hovespian, CEO and President of Indigo Ag: