Where should the U.S. be targeting livestock exports


Where should the U.S. be targeting livestock exports

The President of a major live animal exporting company says the U.S. should be better targeting growing populations and economies for livestock exports outside of China.

Tony Clayton with Clayton Agri-Marketing said the top two importers of U.S. live cattle the last three years have been Pakistan and Vietnam with other Asian countries offering strong opportunity.

“Since November, we have made six shipments of cattle to Bangladesh,” he said. “So, you think about a country smaller than Iowa that’s going to move in the top ten population in the world.”

Adversely, because of COVID, Clayton said…

“Of the last 11 charters of pigs to go to China, nine have failed.”

He said pilot and plane quarantines prevent live animals from effectively moving through the country.
And Clayton said live cattle shipments will not happen in his lifetime regardless because of bluetongue disease prevention.

“I’ve seen the draft health protocol that APHIS is working on and I take a lot of financial risk… I wouldn’t attempt it because it cannot be done,” he said.

Clayton said China recognizes 13 states as bluetongue free including Maine and Vermont that have limited cattle production.

Clayton presented to the Missouri Senate Agriculture Committee Wednesday.