May poultry production 3% above last year


May poultry production 3% above last year

U.S. poultry production during May 2022 was up 3% from May 2021.

The USDA says the amount of poultry certified as wholesome last month was 4.247 billion pounds, including 3.824 billion pounds of chicken, 5% higher, and 412.758 million pounds of turkey, 8% lower.

The chicken slaughter was 6% above a year ago at 789.893 million head, canceling out a 1% decline in the average live weight to 6.42 pounds, while the turkey slaughter fell 4% to 16.582 million head and the average live weight decreased by 5% to 31.1 pounds.

Ante-mortem condemnations were 12.407 million pounds, 11% higher, representing 0.22% of total live weight, and post-mortem condemnations were 26.406 million pounds, a slight year-to-year decline, making up 0.61% of the amount of poultry certified wholesome.

The USDA’s most recent cold storage report showed a 1% year-to-year increase in the domestic poultry supply with a 6% gain in chicken against a 4% loss in turkey.