Ohio farmer says he’s busy replanting soybeans


Ohio farmer says he’s busy replanting soybeans

It’s been a challenging start to the growing season for farmers in parts of Ohio.

“It looks like the beginning of spring – it looks like the beginning to middle of May with how many planters are rolling right now.”

Northwest Ohio farmer Nathan Eckel tells Brownfield they spent much of their planting season dodging rains.  “Every time we planted, it planted beautiful,” he says.  “And then we would just a really hard, pounding rain, and pound these beans into the ground.”

As for his corn crop, Eckel says about 75% of their corn looks good.  “We got that planted early and that all went really well,” he says.  “I had to replant about 70 acres of corn that just got planted right before a rain.”

He says the weather has allowed them to side-dress most of their corn.

AUDIO: Nathan Eckel, Ohio farmer