Biofuel groups sense a lot of summer momentum


Biofuel groups sense a lot of summer momentum

Biofuel groups are sensing a lot of momentum for the industry.

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the Fuel Ethanol Workshop held earlier this month highlighted progress on several fronts.

“It was such an exciting meeting (in Minneapolis). I think there’s so much energy in the industry right now (and) people are excited about what lies ahead about the opportunities and the diversity of opportunities.”

She considers biofuels a great solution in a low-carbon economy.

“We offer transformative solutions to leaders around the world, and I think that’s really what the big theme of the conversation was.”

Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper also participated in the workshop and tells Brownfield there’s a sense of optimism around biofuels right now.

“We’ve had a couple of significant policy and regulatory decisions go our way in recent months, the marketplace dynamics (like) supply and demand balance is all in pretty good shape, and beyond that there’s some really exciting opportunities about future growth.”

Cooper says those include sustainable aviation fuel, carbon sequestration, and new and emerging technologies.

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