Midwest farmer doing best to manage fuel cost


Midwest farmer doing best to manage fuel cost

A Midwestern farmer is doing his best to manage spiking fuel costs.

Northwestern Illinois corn and soybean grower Jon Rosenstiel tells Brownfield with diesel prices more than doubling, a full tank to haul grain is at a premium.

“$6 fuel and, maybe, 150 gallons at a crack,” he said. “You’re pushing $900 to $1000 there. So, it’s very painful just to haul corn to market.”

Rosenstiel said that’s putting an emphasis on alternatives.

“We have river markets, we have rail markets, we have hog and poultry markets that we can haul to as well,” Rosenstiel said.

He said managing the rising cost is best done by wathcing the basis…

“And getting to the market that you want to get to when it’s time to sell,” he said.

Rosenstiel said he’s sold most of his old crop corn.

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