NCBA President encourages producers to see new ideas


NCBA President encourages producers to see new ideas

The President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says producers should learn from other producers to improve their own operations.  Don Schiefelbein attended the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association Summer Tour Saturday near Clear Lake, Wisconsin. “It’s really nice to get among the grassroots and just to see the different techniques they’re using here. Some of the innovations in confinement cow-calf is I think a thing that’s going to take a bigger and bigger piece of the cow-calf industry, so it’s kind of interesting to see it all.”

Schiefelbein tells Brownfield he learned to be open to change from his father, who said the key to the family’s success was for his sons to raise cattle differently than he did. “Prices sometimes don’t go as forward as we need them to be, and the way you actually make that net bottom line is to do things more efficiently and get that cost a little lower and do things just a little wiser, a little smarter.”

One of the tour stops was SKOR Cattle Company, where the cow-calf operation simplified its facilities to improve feed efficiency and reduce labor.