Livestock producers prepare for heat wave


Livestock producers prepare for heat wave

Livestock producers are doing what they can to protect animals as much of the country heats up.

Paige Roberts with Jer-Lindy Farms in central Minnesota manages the heard health of 180 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss dairy cows.

“On those hot days that are coming up we have a sprinkler system in our holding pen where the cows are when they’re waiting to be milked, and that sprinkler system will soak them down (and) hopefully help cool them off a little bit. And then of course lots of fans running in there.”

After milking, she heads to the calf area.

“They’ll get a bottle of milk, they’ll get their grain, and then lots of fresh water to help keep them cool. They have lots of shade and lots of ventilations in their calf huts, which helps them out.”

Roberts tells Brownfield the free stall barn is off a pond, which acts like a natural air conditioner.

“So our curtains are up and we get a nice breeze that kind of goes through the barn that helps keep the cows cool during the day, along with all those fans that they have. And of course, lots of fresh water all day long too.”