Local art teachers to host 3-day ‘Creepy Crawlers’ creative workshop series for children

[Muscatine Art Center Image]

Elementary art teachers, Mary Alice Sessler and Nancy Foxen, will convene Wednesday, June 29, through Thursday, July 1, to lead a free three-day workshop all about “creepy crawlers” for school-aged children grades K-6.

In this series of workshops, children will have the opportunity to make different bugs come to life as they transform ordinary 2-D paper chameleons into a colorful 3-D creature and make different kinds of bugs out of corrugated cardboard. Children will also have the opportunity to make symmetrical cicadas. This project works with balance and pattern, and we will attach wax paper wings to give our insects lifelike 3-D wings.

All supplies will be provided for the workshop series.

To register, call the Muscatine Art Center at 563-263-8282 or email kloos@muscatineiowa.gov.

This project is supported by Quad City Arts, through the Arts Dollars re-granting program, supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency and the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation.