Pastures recovering from last year’s drought


Pastures recovering from last year’s drought

A north-central South Dakota cattle rancher is pleased with hay and pasture conditions.

Troy Hadrick of Faulkton says the warmer weather of late has paired well with timely rains they received early in the spring. “We’re trying to pick the right time to get that hay laid down and get it dried out,” he said. “That’s where we’re at now, but I would say it’s the best hay crop we’ve seen in several years around here at this point.”

He tells Brownfield his pastures are recovering from last year’s drought. “You can just really tell the difference on a good grass year from these tough years we’ve had the last couple of times,” Hadrick said. “Just the cows look better and you can just really see it in the cows how that good grazing is working for them.”

Hadrick says they’ve been fortunate to miss recent damaging storms.