Indiana farmer tells story to bridge disconnect


Indiana farmer tells story to bridge disconnect

Farmers continue to share their story about enhancing sustainability and productivity on the farm.

East Central Indiana farmer Aaron Chalfant says his advice to other growers is, “you have to get uncomfortable. That’s the one thing I’ve learned through Indiana Farm Bureau, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, and Purdue University—you must be uncomfortable. They say the number one fear for a lot of people is public speaking. Put yourself out there and tell your story.”

Farm and ranch families make up less than two percent of the U.S. population. The fourth-generation farmer says it’s no wonder there is a disconnect between the producer and the consumer.  

“The only way we can help bridge that disconnect is to tell our story. Take away form the narrative that’s out there and the buzzwords like GMO and naturally grown. If producers get uncomfortable and get out and tell their story more, I think that’s a good start to filling the gap between producers and consumers.”

Chalfant, an Indiana Farm Bureau member from Randolph County, raises corn, soybeans, and hogs.

Audio: Aaron Chalfant