National Pork Board president looks to relate with consumers


National Pork Board president looks to relate with consumers

The president of the National Pork Board looks to relate with consumers when discussing pig farming.

Heather Hill and her family run a farrow-to-finish hog operation near Greenfield, Indiana.

“Much to my children’s dismay, I am always relating it back to our family and just ourselves. I often talk about (working) very closely with our veterinarian, I mean our pigs see a doctor more than anyone in our family wants to, you know when our pigs are sick we call our veterinarian. I try to make it relatable to (consumers).”

Speaking to Brownfield at last week’s World Pork Expo in Des Moines, she says producers should try to communicate in a way consumers can understand.

“We can’t use the common terminology or vernacular that we’re all so used to throwing around, you have to make it relatable. Even if we’re just talking about a word like ‘sows,’ that’s the mother pig. So I have found in those opportunities that you take one-on-one to talk to people, it really enlightens them.”

National Pork Board senior vice president of communications Jacque Matson says NPB’s Real Pork trust and image brand highlights producers like the Hill’s to teach consumers about what is authentic and real about pork products.