Biorational manufacturer plans expansion project


Biorational manufacturer plans expansion project

Valent BioSciences is expanding its Osage, Iowa facility to be able to meet customer needs.

Plant manager Ertan Hyuseinov tells Brownfield there’s been a rise in demand for the company’s biorational products. “Just to help our site to be more organized, more efficient, and more successful,” he said. “The success of the plant leads to success of the people and of the overall company.”

He says the project includes a new pilot plant with state-of-the-art development equipment. “I would say this is the biggest expansion for this site so far since the plant has been open,” Hyuseinov said. “We’re looking at about 18,000 square foot.”

Hyuseinov says the project will use forward-thinking practices that reduce carbon emissions. Construction will begin this summer and is expected to be completed in 2024.