The time to plan for insect pressure is now


The time to plan for insect pressure is now

Corn and soybean farmers are encouraged to start planning for mid and late season insect pressure now.

Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young with BASF says a lesson reinforced by the pandemic is plans are often necessary.

“If we get (to) midseason, and we notice that pests have shown up, we’re kind of already behind the gun. So one of the things I think is really essential as I think about the season is sort of like looking down the horizon for the growing season later on in the year.”

She manages foliar fungicides and insecticides for BASF and suggests there are similar timelines for both crop protection tools.

“Right there when we’re thinking about applying that fungicide at R3, that’s a really good time to put the insecticide in the tank as well.”

Dyrdahl-Young tells Brownfield bean leaf beetle, grasshoppers, and Japanese beetles are pests to be on the lookout for earlier in the season.  Later in the year, she points to soybean aphid as an insect that if not properly managed could cause a lot of problems.