USDA biofuel aid could lower prices at the pump


USDA biofuel aid could lower prices at the pump

USDA’s recently announced $700 million to biofuels producers could help lower the price at the pump.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos of Illinois tells Brownfield the recent USDA aid will support more fuel options for drivers.

“It actually brings down the cost per gallon by somewhere between 50 and 60 cents a gallon,” Bustos said. “And it’s even more if you have and E85 station.”

She says biofuels producers took a big hit to their bottom line during COVID19 lockdowns with limited drivers on the road.

“The use of biofuels plummeted just like the use of gasoline plummeted,” she said. “That money is designed to go to the biofuels makers designed to be relief for the funding that they lost during COVID.”

Bustos said $48 million of the funding is going to Illinois biofuels producers.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Interview