Lowering costs with biofuels


Lowering costs with biofuels

The president of the Iowa Corn Growers Association says biofuels can help consumers save money.

Lance Lillibridge tells Brownfield, “When we look at our food costs and the grocery store bill that we all have, a big part of that comes from the cost of energy,” he said. “If we can lower that cost of energy through biofuels, we could potentially lower our costs at the grocery store as well.”

Lillibridge says E15 can also help drivers save money at the pump. “We want to continue to set a precedent for the rest of the country that E15 year-round is absolutely beneficial to not only our pocketbooks but to the environment.”

And for drivers who have flex fuel vehicles, he says there’s even more potential for savings with E85. “We’ve got to remember to look at what it costs us per mile to drive, not necessarily how many miles per gallon we get on a particular blend of fuel,” Lillibridge said. “Right now you could get up to five cents a mile less in your cost of driving with E85 than any other blend out there.”

Lillibridge says his organization is also pushing for year-round E15 legislation in the Next Generation Fuels Act.