Soybean seed shortages in Upper Midwest


Soybean seed shortages in Upper Midwest

Planting delays in the Upper Midwest are resulting in soybean seed shortages.

Organic row crop farmer Carolyn Olson of Cottonwood in southwest Minnesota tells Brownfield some farmers are switching to soybeans because of late planting dates.

“People are looking for shorter season corn as well, but seed is in a little bit of short supply this year. It’s a challenge because whatever decision you make today is going to affect you in the fall, big time.”

She says they plant some 102 to 104-day corn.

“We’re right in that window of being able to get that dried down and harvested in a decent time this fall. There’s already concerns about that.”

Olson, the vice president of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, says it was too dry a year ago and now it’s too wet.