Rice 93% and soybeans 78% planted in Arkansas


Rice 93% and soybeans 78% planted in Arkansas

The weather allowed for just 3 days suitable for fieldwork, but Arkansas farmers still made measurable planting progress. 

Rice planting is 93% complete, with 84% of the crop emerged, and 75% rated good to excellent.  Soybeans are 78% planted with 69% of the crop emerged and 73% rated good to excellent.  Cotton is 89% planted with 62% emerged and 80% rated good to excellent.  Peanuts are 80% planted, 66% emerged, and 88% rated good to excellent.  The corn crop is rated 71% good to excellent. 

Seventy-one percent of the winter wheat crop coloring, with 78% of the crop rated good to excellent.

Hay alfalfa is rated 59% good, other hay is rated 61% good to excellent.  Vegetables are rated 91% good to excellent.

Topsoil moisture was 85% adequate to surplus and subsoil moisture was 88% adequate to surplus.