Gov. Reynolds praises new biofuels law


Gov. Reynolds praises new biofuels law

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says her state is leading the charge when it comes to the availability of biofuels.

“We’re the first state in the country to put in place an E15 standard, which will really provide increased access for our farmers,” Reynolds said.

The Biofuels Access Bill was signed into law on May 17th. Governor Reynolds tells Brownfield Iowa is the nation’s top producer of ethanol and biodiesel.

“With soaring gas prices where they are right now, our ethanol is 70-to-80 cents cheaper at the pump,” the governor said. “It’s environmentally friendly, it lowers the cost, and it provides choice. It’s a win-win-win.”

Iowa Farm Bureau president Brent Johnson recently told Brownfield he’s optimistic other states will follow Iowa’s lead when it comes to the E15 standard.