USDA looking to assist farmers burdened by inflation


USDA looking to assist farmers burdened by inflation

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack says his department is taking several steps to help farmers burdened by inflation.

Vilsack is testifying before the Senate Agriculture Committee today and was asked about the rising cost of ag inputs.

“In terms of the fertilizer, there are a number of things we are doing. We are working with farmers to make sure that they are fully aligned with the right application, the right time, the right location, the right amount.”

He says the department is looking into ways of better utilizing precision agriculture technology and recently allocated $500 million toward expanding domestic fertilizer production.

“And not be as reliant as we have been on outside sources.”

USDA also announced today that Conservation Reserve Program participants in the final year of their CRP contracts can request voluntary termination, a one-time move to help mitigate global food supply challenges.  Additionally, USDA is adding more flexibility to the Environmental Quality and Incentives and Conservation Stewardship Programs to free up land.