Farmer faces equipment breakdowns this planting season


Farmer faces equipment breakdowns this planting season

Western Indiana farmer Kevin Cox says machinery breakdowns are slowing planting progress this spring. 

“We’ve had an issue with one of the planters and the guys from John Deere have been here several times working on it. they’re swapping parts and they just can’t quite pinpoint what’s going on with it,” he says. “The good thing, if there is any, is the fact that it has been raining so we haven’t been able to be in the field because of wet conditions.”   

He tells Brownfield a planting window is approaching.

“So we’re at a point now where I have to get that equipment back up and running. Technology on these planters today is just incredible as long as it works,” he says. “If you have an issue, unless it’s something simple, it can really be a challenge chasing it down and that seems to be the issue that we’re dealing with.”

Cox raises corn and soybeans in Clay and Parke counties.