Reynolds signs Biofuels Access Bill into law


Reynolds signs Biofuels Access Bill into law

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed her Biofuels Access Bill into law.

Speaking at a farm in Jasper County Tuesday morning, Reynolds said they’ve been working on different versions for well over a year.

“And the final product truly is a testament to the idea that good-faith discussion, negotiation and compromise can pay off in a big way.”

The legislation makes Iowa the first state in the nation with a renewable fuels mandate, requiring most gas stations with storage tanks and pumping systems that can handle higher blends of ethanol to offer E-15 from at least one pump by 2026. New gas stations will have to sell E-15 from at least half of their dispensers.  The Biofuels Access Bill is also designed to boost sales of biodiesel and requires new pumps to be able to dispense diesel that contains 20 percent of the soybean-based additive beginning in 2023.

Reynolds says biofuels account for $4 billion of Iowa’s GDP and support tens of thousands of jobs in the state.

“And I’ve never been prouder than I am today to be the governor of the number one ethanol and biodiesel-producing state in the country.”

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association says of Iowa’s roughly 3,000 gas stations, about 300 sell E15 and around 100 offer B20.