Cold weather could impact South American corn


Cold weather could impact South American corn

A meteorologist says he’s concerned about how cold weather might impact southern Brazil this week. 

Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield the Safrinha crop finished in dry conditions in northern Brazil, but southern Brazil might get cold. “Twenty percent of the Safrinha crop is grown on the state called Parana, and there’s a risk of their overnight lows getting down into the low 30s, and I’m not predicting a frost but I’m watching for one.”

Snodgrass says if that region does get frost now, it can have an impact on yields, and the overall supply of corn. “That, right now in that state is where the crop is currently in pollination, and just for size reference, it’s a little bit bigger than the state of Wisconsin. That’s how big Parana is.”

Snodgrass says if the South American region experiences a frost, it might send a shock wave through the markets given the weather-related issues that have already affected South American crops.