USDA funding to provide long-term ag input supply solution


USDA funding to provide long-term ag input supply solution

The President of the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association says it will take some time for USDA’s recently announced fertilizer production incentive program to help alleviate supply shortages.

KJ Johnson tells Brownfield while the Biden administration’s announced $500 million of funding to spur local fertilizer production is great…

“…But also, to build a new fertilizer plant, to start a new phosphate mine, potash mine, that’s time; that’s not just going to happen over six months,” he said.” And I think the administration understands that, but they also see the need to increase domestic production of fertilizers.”

 Johnson said solving local supply chain issues would also provide a more immediate impact which he relayed to the President during his recent Illinois visit.

“How can we get more rail cars,” he said. “Just truck drivers; I mean it’s as basic as that. Trying to get some of that transportation cost down to move some of these products so that at the end of the day, we’ve got a better price for farmers to put that fertilizer on for that corn and soybean crop.”

Johnson encourages farmers to have a ‘wait and see attitude’ saying it will likely be a while before input prices go down.

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