Storms cripple farms across Minnesota


Storms cripple farms across Minnesota

There’s been extensive storm damage in Minnesota.

Richard Syverson farms north of Benson in west-central Minnesota and says more than two inches of rain fell Wednesday followed by nearly three more inches in a one-hour period Thursday morning.

“It caused massive field flooding (and) our local school district didn’t have school today because there’s so many rural roads washed out.”

He tells Brownfield two more storms moved through Thursday night, bringing less rain but damaging winds.

“I’m hearing reports from friends with pole barns gone. We lost the doors off a shed, (had) a tree down, and (the wind) tipped over one of our irrigator tower center pivots.”

Syverson, who serves as vice president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, hasn’t turned a wheel this spring because of the weather. He says he’ll have to change his crop mix and is sure prevent plant will be part of his plan.