Northern Minnesota farmer says they’re “zero percent planted”


Northern Minnesota farmer says they’re “zero percent planted”

There’s been no fieldwork across a large portion of central and northern Minnesota this spring.

Shayne Isane and his family run a cow/calf operation and grow corn, soybeans, alfalfa, canola, and perennial rye grass in Roseau County.  He tells Brownfield frequent snow storms this winter have given way to one rain event after another.

“It’s been a very muddy and wet spring as far as the cattle, but also with the crops. It’s just been delayed, we can’t get in the field (and) are zero percent planted.”

Isane travels quite a bit as the District 7 Director for Minnesota Farm Bureau and says the delays are widespread.

“There hasn’t been a wheel turned in the entire Red River Valley that I’m aware of, and you get into central Minnesota and some of my Farm Bureau people I talk to regularly haven’t turned a wheel.”

Isane is looking into changing corn maturities and says he’d consider dropping corn from this year’s rotation if delays persist past May 25th.