Agronomist says short season corn window still 10 days out


Agronomist says short season corn window still 10 days out

A technical agronomist says patience pays off for hybrid selection during a late planting season.

Jeff Spieler with DEKALB Asgrow in South Dakota says it might be too early to switch to short-season corn because the crop could lose its top-end yield. “If you’re in the mid to lower end of your RM, we probably aren’t going to change too much because we put that original hybrid out there for a reason, right? Based on soil type and performance, we don’t want to change that right away.  We don’t want to get nervous on May 10th and May 15th and start idling that back.”

But, he says, if corn isn’t planted within the next 10 days, that window closes quickly. “If we’re planting let’s say 100-to-112-day maturity, if we’ve got acres at that 112 to 113 day at that point and we’re getting past May 20, then we starting saying ok let’s take a look at it and maybe notch that down a little bit.”

Spieler says for short season soybeans, those considerations don’t have to be made until June.

He was a panelist on Brownfield’s latest roundtable discussion about the 2022 Drought in the Great Plains.