Tennessee farmer hopes the weather lets him catch up on planting


Tennessee farmer hopes the weather lets him catch up on planting

Tennessee farmer David Nichols says the 2022 planting season is running about a month behind.  “We actually didn’t plant any corn in the month of April,” he says.  “That was the first time in my farming career that we ever did that.”  Nichols says they were able to plant some soybeans in late March and then again in late April. 

He tells Brownfield this week’s forecast should allow him to play catch-up.  But, Nichols says he’s apprehensive to say they’re going to get a lot done this week.  “We haven’t been able to do much and until you get out and going it’s hard to get your rhythm,” he says.  “Because equipment has to be set, it has to be calibrated, and adjustments have to be made.  We just haven’t had much of a chance to do that.”

Nichols says he also needs to catch up on spraying.  “A lot of burndown is still yet to go out on no-till land,” he says.  “Not only that, some of the spray we did manage to get done early this spring, it’s been so long since that’s been done, those chemistries that we put out are actually beginning to break.”

He says the warm weather and high winds that are also in the forecast for this week, will further delay herbicide applications.

AUDIO: David Nichols, Ridgeville, TN farmer