Year-round E15 efforts expand market for corn


Year-round E15 efforts expand market for corn

The President of National Corn Growers Association says recent moves to allow year-round sales of E15 are a big win for corn farmers.

Last week, the EPA granted a waiver allowing E15 sales for the summer 2022 driving season, while eight Midwestern Governors notified the EPA of their intent to allow year-round E15 sales in their states by summer 2023 under the Clean Air Act.

NCGA’s Chris Edgington, a farmer from Iowa, says these efforts help expand the corn market.

“Because we always seem to be growing more. If you look at the trends, we add about two bushels per acre per year, which on 90 million acres means we are putting 180 million more bushels of corn on the market. So, we have got to continue to grow our base of demand.”

While some ag economists have expressed doubt that E15 sales will make much of a difference over one summer, Edgington says it gives retailers the certainty they need to move forward.

“The infrastructure is growing and this helps it grow by knowing they have access to E15. One of the challenges was struggling with will the product be available.  So I am confident we will continue to grow more stations.”

Edgington says the actions made by the governors and EPA are big steps toward the permanent allowance of year-round E15 sales nationwide and NCGA will continue to support efforts to reach that goal.