Cool & wet weather continues to slow Wisconsin farmers


Cool & wet weather continues to slow Wisconsin farmers

Most Wisconsin farmers are still waiting for better weather and soil conditions before planting crops.

USDA reporters say less than three days were suitable for fieldwork last week, and cool, wet weather continued to keep machinery parked.  Rainfall last week ranged from three-tenths of an inch from Madison north-east into the Fox Valley to more than an inch south of Milwaukee and in parts of Polk and Burnett counties in northwestern Wisconsin.

Sixty-eight percent of topsoil moisture is now reported as adequate with 24% having surplus moisture. Subsoil conditions are 72% adequate and 16% surplus.

Fifteen percent of spring tillage is done, and only 1% of the state’s corn is planted.  About 15% of the state’s oats are planted. Thirty-one percent of the potatoes are planted with much of that in the lighter soils of the central sands region.