Farmer discusses input concerns


Farmer discusses input concerns

Accessing parts continues to be a challenge for many farmers this planting season.

Southern Ohio farmer Greg Corcoran tells Brownfield “trouble getting parts in has been a continuing issue– certain parts not being available, having to subsite parts, the lengthy lead times. It used to be overnight and then it will be there. Now it’s not overnight and they might not even have it. We’re trying to be proactive on that and find ways to get everything we need in early and make sure we have it,” he says.  

He says the price and availability of chemicals have also been a concern.

“But, we’re not not going to plant, and we’re not not going to put those inputs in and use those. The availability of chemicals and the price cause you to take a step back and assess things. Thankfully commodity prices are good, but how long will that hold on.”

Corcoran raises beef cattle, corn, soybeans, and popcorn in Pike, Ross, and Scioto counties.

Audio: Greg Corcoran