House Ag Committee reviews SNAP


House Ag Committee reviews SNAP

The Ranking Member of the House Ag Committee says it’s about time the committee has reviewed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in the farm bill which he says has been unchecked for the past four years.

Congressman Glenn GT Thompson, a Pennsylvania Republican, shared his frustration in Thursday’s hearing.

“My Democratic colleagues have already drawn a line in the sand that this program will not be touched in the next reauthorization of the farm bill—that’s why we have reauthorizations to make sure we’re getting it right and making adjustments where needed,” he says.

Chairman David Scott says the SNAP program worked throughout the pandemic as it should and will continue to be impactful moving forward.

“As we grapple with the ongoing impact of the pandemic and new challenges to our food system resulting from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I know SNAP will continue to be a critical lifeline,” he says.

Scott says the 2018 Farm Bill provided low-income Americans receiving SNAP benefits about $36.24 more per person per month and served more than 10 percent of all households in 2020.