MSU offers fertility savings advice for forages


MSU offers fertility savings advice for forages

A forage specialist recommends relying on soil tests to determine a budget-friendly fertilizer investment this year.

Kim Cassida with Michigan State University says grid sampling forages and determining a field’s pH level has the best returns for fertility management.

“If you haven’t got your pH right, you’re kind of wasting your time putting other nutrients out there,” she says.

Cassida says if the pH is off, plants can’t absorb the nutrients they need.

She points to manure as an underutilized resource to help increase yields.

“Manure gives you a little bit of an extra boost to your plant just by boosting soil biology so you get a better yield impact from it than even you can calculate by just the amount of nutrients you put out there,” she explains.

Cassida made her comments during a recent MSU Extension Field Crops Virtual Breakfast.