CHS navigating supply chain challenges


CHS navigating supply chain challenges

The CEO of the nation’s largest agricultural cooperative says the company is adjusting to supply chain challenges.

Jay Debertin with CHS tells Brownfield they’re working closely with local coops and producers.

“Upsets and slowdowns and issues around transportation (and other) ways to get to port, but we’re navigating it. It’s what we do (and) who we are, and I think things will sort out okay.”

He says CHS wants to help farmers create export connections around the world.

“The South American crop just continues to get a little bit lighter it seems with every crop report, and that’s just one more thing that I think provides opportunities for the U.S. farmer. And that’s really what we’re about.”

Debertin says CHS posted a strong second quarter thanks in part to robust global demand coupled with increased market volatility.