Record year for Michigan food and ag exports


Record year for Michigan food and ag exports

Food and agriculture exports in Michigan hit a record $2.5 billion in 2021.

Jamie Zmitko-Somers with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development tells Brownfield despite logistical issues, sales were up nearly 20 percent.

“This is another record year over last year,” she says.

Processed food products made up the highest total value of exports; followed by soybean, sugarbeet, and wheat byproducts; dairy products; wood products; and edible meat products.

“We have a combination of how these products move depending on their end destination, but oftentimes they go by truck or rail,” she explains.

Zmitko-Somers says a branded program for Midwest exporters can also help offset up to 50 percent of some marketing costs.

Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, and Japan are the top export destinations for Michigan food and ag products.